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About BLOK: An Introduction



The aim of BLOK is to provide a structured platform for business ladies who live or work in Knaresborough to share good practice, support each other and network locally.

Our Mission

To bring together Business Ladies of Knaresborough to share skills and experience, endeavour to break down barriers and encourage collaboration within the local business community. As a not-for-profit organisation we will help connect local business owners, employees and volunteers by holding regular networking sessions and social events to engage in learning and cooperation.

We offer information and training, networking and social contact and all in a friendly and fun environment. Being part of BLOK will enable you to promote your business, your products or services to like-minded women.

In turn, these women will promote your business to their customers, clients, friends and family. The power of ‘Word of Mouth’ is very effective.

BLOK membership is by application only.  

Most networking groups charge very high membership fees, but our aim is to make the organisation accessible to all and the £65 registration fee is intentionally low. If, however, you want to attend a couple of workshops before applying to join, we aim to keep the charge for individual events very reasonable. It is still, nonetheless, cheaper to join and attend only a few events than it is to pay individual attendance fees.

If you enjoy meeting other women in business, why not join straightaway? Speak to any of the BLOK committee for information on how to join and the fees involved. Or, use the contact form if you wish to make an arrangement to discuss anything else about membership to BLOK


networking : linking : breaking barriers : collaborative : cooperative : sharing : skills : professional : resources  :  trust


The Team on The BLOK

The Committee and their roles

What is Networking?

"Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which groups of like-minded business people recognise, create, or act upon business opportunities.” Wikipedia
    • To connect as or operate with a network
    • To interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Networking is building a relationship and rapport with another person and in business we all need a group of people we can trust, respect and rely on.

Networking is about talking to people and getting to know people and this takes time. You may come to a meeting and make excellent contacts and leads or even new business, but don’t expect it to happen straight away. Look on networking as a long-term strategy for yourself and your business.

Through networking at BLOK you will get to know the others members of the organisation, through workshops and through social events, sharing information and building trust. People will learn more about you and your business and you will learn about other womens’ business and possible opportunities for you both.

Building trust with another other person means you can judge their expertise, their professionalism and most importantly, if you want to do business with them. At this point you may decide to share your valued contacts with them, knowing they will not to let you down or the prospective client.

Networking is not just about getting help for yourself, but about helping others. In turn, they will want to help you in the same way. And so the circle begins. Trust, confidence, professionalism and sharing. Over time, getting to know each other better will bring benefits in terms of contacts, leads and referrals.

When business networking, you are often in a structured environment and are faced with new businesses and individuals. Often it is very quick to assess who may be able to help you at these events, with contacts or business, particularly when you may be in similar type of business sector. Sharing clients could be a quick win for you both.

networking : linking : breaking barriers : collaborative : cooperative : sharing : skills : professional : resources : trust



Maria Dawbarn


Centre Manager at Henshaw's Arts and Crafts


Yvonne Kozacek


Yvonne Kozacek Virtual Assistant


Jennie Roux


Centre Admin Manager at Henshaw's Arts and Crafts


Lisa Sherratt

Events Manager

Fundraiser for Henshaws and Proprietor at Leave it to Lisa Events


Jade Clark

Events Support

Proprietor of Piccallilli

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Julie Pocock


Accountant at Florinz Accountancy. 


Sue McQueen

Webmistress & IT Support

Web Designer and geeky person at McQueen's. 


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