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handmadeathenshawsThe following information was used for a Henshaw's Arts & Crafts Centre Strategy Day.

Although designed for a charity perspective, the points hold true for ANY business using Social Media.



 We are What We Share

    • We want to bring our audiences to us and get them to spread the word on our behalf through the engaging and useful content that we share. This could be through photos, quotes, audio or film.

    • We need to change our focus from telling people what we do, to telling people what effect that has on someone’s life.

    • Ultimately we need to secure the future of our business by helping key audiences to understand the problems people face, and how WE can help, then inspiring them to act!

    • The actions we want people to take could include attending an event, referring someone to become an Art Maker, visiting our café, donating to our charity, becoming a volunteer, or spreading the word about what we do.

    • Spotlight our Key Audiences. In Henshaw's case: People with disabilities, parents/carers and family members, health and social care professionals, visitors and supporters.

    • We need to tell the REAL stories through the PEOPLE who are doing this day in, day out. No one is better placed than you to know to understand the changes you’ve brought about in our Art Makers and the DIFFERENCE that you’re making.

    • We need you to help us share those stories with our audiences, through the channels we’ve set up, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Audioboom.

5 tips for a good story

  • Find your character – someone interesting

  • Be passionate about it – try to make people feel something

  • Keep it real – real stories, real people

  • Focus on one main message

  • Take people on a journey... where has someone come from and how have they changed?



    What makes a good photo?

    a good photoNo need to have a professional camera

  • Natural lighting (if possible)

  • Clear background which doesn’t distract from the focus of the image

  • Well cropped

  • In focus

  • Tells the story

  • Art Makers portrayed in a positive way

  • It’s interesting 





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