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Code of Business Ethics and Behaviour

Code of Business Ethics and Behaviour

Good business ethics involve high standards of behaviour and are characterised by integrity, honesty and freedom from deception and fraud. Business dealings and relationships within BLOK should always support and enhance each other’s reputation.

All members of BLOK have a responsibility to foster and to contribute towards the creation and maintenance of a positive culture of dignity and respect; inappropriate behaviour should be challenged. The BLOK committee should lead by example and take prompt action to prevent and stop inappropriate behaviour within the group.

The code applies to all BLOK members and sets out the minimum standards which are expected from members in their interactions with other members, local businesses, community groups and third parties.

Members are expected to:-

  • Treat other members with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Contribute towards a positive, supportive and sharing environment
  • Be mindful of others when expressing views
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business relationships both within and outside the remit of BLOK
  • Act in a professional manner in all dealings with members, businesses, community groups and third parties.
  • Build positive relationships with other members based on trust
  • Use all forms of online communication in a positive manner
  • Refrain from verbal aggression, defamatory accusations and any form of cyber bullying /cyber smearing within the business network
  • Challenge or report unacceptable behaviour and breaches of the code.

All members can expect to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy
  • Be valued for their skills, abilities and experiences.
  • Be able to attend workshops, visit social events and use the BLOK website and forum without unfair treatment, bullying or victimisation

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